Walker United Reformed Church

The Lord’s Day – February 14, 2016

Welcome to Walker United Reformed Church. “He must become greater; I must become less” John 3:30. Our worship services today will be led by Rev. Corey Dykstra. The sermon this morning is entitled “The Feast of Purim”. The morning offering will be for “Walker Ministries”.

Our sermon this evening is entitledDesiring Daily Bread”. The evening offering will be for the “Coram Deo Reformation Church in Littleton, Colorado”. On November 6, 2015, the church's minister, Rev. Carl Heuss, was struck by a car while walking across a street. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken facial bones, a broken pelvis and many other injuries. Rev. Heuss faces a lengthy rehabilitation and it is unlikely that he can return to the pulpit for at least one year. Coram Deo is committed to covering his salary and other financial needs during his recovery but needs help to do so, as well as to pay for pulpit supply. Please give generously to help this sister church during it's time of need. 

NEXT WEEK AT WALKER – February 21, 2016

Next week our morning worship service will be led by Rev. Corey Dykstra. The evening worship service will be led by Rev. Ray Lanning. The morning offering will be for “Walker Ministries”. The evening offering will be for “Reformed Youth Services”. Reformed Youth Services (RYS) is an organization dedicated to ministering the timeless truths of the historic Reformed faith to today's youth. RYS believes that both the content and form of youth ministry are vitally important. As the medial and our post-modern culture gather their forces to capture the souls of our young people, the Church must do everything it can to counter these attacks. RYS is committed to the social and spiritual nurturing of our covenant youth.  

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Weekly Activities


                 THIS WEEK AT WALKER

Sunday          8:50 am – Prayer Group

                      9:30 am – Morning Worship Service

                    10:45 am – Sunday School Singing

                    11:00 am – Sunday School and Catechism

                        5:00 pm – Evening Worship

Monday           7 & 8:15 pm – Family Visitation

Tuesday          9:30 am – Ladies Bible Fellowship

                              Chapter 8 – John the Baptist

                      7 & 8:15 pm – Family Visitation

Wednesday   7:00 pm – Cadet's Meeting

                      7:00 pm – Ladies Evening Bible Study

                          Faith – Study Week 3 – Days 4 – 5

                      7:00 pm – Men's Society

Thursday       9:45 am - Ladies Coffeebreak and Little Lambs

                      7:30 pm – Baby Shower for Chris Kloosterman

                                 and Jessica Kortman

Friday            6:00 am – Men's Breakfast Bible Study

                              Chapter 4 in Our Creed

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