Walker United Reformed Church

The Lord’s Day – September 28, 2014


  Welcome to Walker United Reformed Church. “He must become greater; I must become less” John 3:30.  Our worship services today will be led by Rev. Corey Dykstra.  The sermon this morning is entitled “The Living Word of God”.  There will be two offerings in the morning service.  The first will be for “WalkerMinistries” and the second will be for the “Walker Christian Education Fund”.


  We welcome Robert and Betty Woods to our worship this morning.  They are missionaries whom we have supported for many years and who will be retiring.  They will give a brief farewell address at the end of the service this morning.  


   The sermon this evening is entitled “Comfort in Christ”.  The offering this evening will be for “Mission Aviation Fellowship”.  Mission Aviation Fellowship works to see individuals, communities and nations transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  MAF promotes this transformation by positioning Christ-centered staff in strategic locations world-wide utilizing aviation, communications, learning technologist and related services.


NEXT WEEK AT WALKEROctober 5, 2014

Next Sunday will be the first Sunday of Mission Emphasis Week.  Our worship services will be led by Rev. Corey Dykstra.  The morning offering will be for “WalkerMinistries”.  The evening offering will be for “Brazos de Amor”.  Brazos de Amor is an orphanage in Mexico that has been visited numerous times by our youth group. 


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Weekly Activities



Sunday              8:50 am – Prayer Group

                          9:30 am - Morning Worship Service

                                        - Presentation by Robert

                                               & Betty Woods

                         10:45 am – Sunday School Singing

                         11:00 am – Sunday School and

                                    Catechism Classes   

                           5:00 pm – Evening Worship Service   

                                         - Youth Group Meeting

Monday              7:00 pm – Deacon’s Meeting

Wednesday         6:30 pm - Cadet’s Meeting

                           7:30 pm – Men’s Bible Study

                           7:30 pm – Women’s Bible Study

Thursday            9:45 am – Morning Women’s Bible Study

                                    Week 1, Days 1-5

                                    Little Lambs and Nursery

Saturday             5 – 6:30 pm  - GEMS Soup Supper

                                               and Potato Bar


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