Walker United Reformed Church

The Lord’s Day – August 31, 2014


  Welcome to Walker United Reformed Church. “He must become greater; I must become less” John 3:30.  Our morning worship service today will be led by Rev. Corey Dykstra.  The sermon this morning is entitled “Perfect through Suffering”.  There will be two offerings in the morning worship.  The first will be for “WalkerMinistries” and the second will be for the “Walker Christian Education Fund”.


   Our worship service this evening will be led by Craig Phelps.  Craig is a resident of Grand Rapids and is currently attending Puritan Reformed Seminary under the supervision of Trinity URC.  The sermon this evening is entitled “Liberty to Love”.  The offering this evening will be for “MissionIndia”.  MissionIndia assists Indian men and women who ask for training and resources as they seek to reach their own people through church planting, literacy courses and children’s Bible clubs. 

NEXT WEEK AT WALKERSeptember 7, 2014

Next Sunday our worship services will be led by Rev. Corey Dykstra.  The morning offering will be for “WalkerMinistries”. The evening offering will be for “Sus Manos Gleaners”.  In 2004 Walker URC’s youth ministry participated in a mission endeavor at the Okanagan Gleaners in British Columbia, producing 100,000 soup mix meals in six days.  The idea for Sus Manos Gleaners – Sus Manos being the Spanish words for “His Hands” – was born out of this experience.  Sus Manos Gleaners uses donated produce and volunteer labor to produce dehydrated meals for overseas Christian missions to distribute to starving people.  It is estimated that over 5 million children worldwide die annually due to malnutrition-related causes.  We can’t feed all of them but with your help we can feed a lot of them.  In Matthew 25 our King said, ”I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.”     

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Sunday              8:50 am – Prayer Group

                          9:30 am - Morning Worship Service             

                          5:00 pm – Evening Worship Service   

Tuesday             7:00 pm – Deacon’s Meeting              


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