Walker United Reformed Church

The Lord’s Day – April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday


  Welcome to Walker United Reformed Church. “He must become greater; I must become less” John 3:30.  Our worship services today will be led by Rev. Corey Dykstra.  The sermon this morning is entitled “A Prophet in Disguise”.  This morning will be Preparatory for the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper on Good Friday evening.   The morning offering will be for “WalkerMinistries

   The sermon this evening is entitled “Christ our Only Intercessor”. The offering this evening will be for “Matthew’s House – Lydia’s House”.  Lydia’s House is a new branch of Matthew’s House Ministry, a neighborhood ministry on Grand Rapids’ lower west side that was started by George Werkema, a former member of Walker.  Lydia’s House is located in a donated house on Crosby Street and will serve as a transitional home for women, where they will receive Biblical counseling and guidance as they seek to recover from the effects of sinful decisions in their lives.



Next Sunday is Easter Sunday. Our morning service will be led by Rev. Corey Dykstra.  The evening worship will be led by a guest pastor.  The morning offering will be for “WalkerMinistries”.  The evening offering will be for the “Christian Rest Home”.  The Christian Rest Home seeks to extend the ministry of our loving Savior Jesus Christ to older adults in recognition of our obligation and privilege to render mercy and help to the afflicted. “Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.” (Luke 6:36)


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Weekly Activities





Sunday              8:50 am – Prayer Group       

                          9:30 am - Morning Worship Service    

                        10:45 am – Sunday School Singing

                        11:00 am - Sunday School and Catechism Classes                                                            

                          3:45 pm – Choir Practice

                          5:00 pm – Evening Worship Service

                                        - Adverse City / Young People’s Meeting

Thursday            9:45 am – Morning Ladies’ Bible Study

                                    Lesson 9 – Days 1-3

Friday                6:00 am – Men’s Breakfast Bible Study

                                    Lesson 5

                          7:30 pm – Good Friday Service

                                    Greeters – Dave Carter family

                                               Shawn Cook family

                                    Nursery – Sue Remelts & Emily Mast

Saturday            8-10:30 am - Cadet’s Pancake Breakfast

                                        - Dinner for Seven


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